Free Lunch Society

Wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to go along to see’ Free Lunch Society’ The venue for the pop up cinema was the Ormeau Baths where we were greeted by Aaron the producer of New Notions Cinema and his associates. This was the first showing of
this film in Northern Ireland and it was disappointing to see a low turnout. But those of us who did turnout were not disappointed. A new concept on how we should be living. The prospect of how life will change as robots take over leaving us with more free time to pursue other things. A basic income paid by the government would allow citizens to live without worrying about money. Work would be a choice. Many counties including Namibia ( take note President Trump) are already carrying out trials and Alaska have it up and running. You need to watch to find out how.
Followed by a discussion and a Q&A from the audience it made for a good night out. But please comfortable chairs required for old ladies like me.
The film is on YouTube and I recommend you watch it.