Ann Allan :An Open Letter to President Trump


Deat President Trump

My name is Ann Allan and I live in Northern Ireland. I am a few years younger than you, married and have two children and four grandchildren.
I grew up in the sixties and during the Cuban crisis and remember until now how I felt sitting at my desk in school in fear of the world ending with a bang and then the relief when we heard that we could relax that the crisis was over.

Ever since then I have gone to sleep at night with the assurance that the USA was watching out for the world and that we were able to sleep easy in our beds. We had confidence in those who held the post of POTUS to act prudently and lookout for any threats and deal with them quietly and discretely.
But then you became President and that feeling of security has gone.  Your ‘off the cuff ‘remarks and tweets leave me fearing for the future of my family. You sound belligerent in your rhetoric towards other countries especially North Korea and Kim Jung Un who let’s face it comes across as a young kid trying to be up there with the cool kids.

Why don’t you spell out to Kim Jong that you don’t want war, that the rest of the world don’t hate the citizens of North Korea and do not mean them any harm. I suspect many actually sympathise with a population so brainwashed that they actually feel under threat.  You need to start a personal dialogue with him for the sake of your grandchildren and mine.
When I woke this morning the first thing I did was to check the news to ensure you hadn’t started WW3 while I was sleeping. How frightened the younger generation must be feeling. They deserve to be brought up in a world where the threat of nuclear war is not occurring almost on a daily basis. You have called out previous Presidents for not sorting it. Well now is  the time to put your money where your mouth is and sort it.
So please for all those who just want to get on with life , which is short, please take advice from those who have the experience and wisdom to do the right thing
Remember that the NK situation will need a win /win resolution .Any thing other than that will be disastrous.

And by the way stop putting on the hypocritical act of praying with the evangelicals. They are a throwback to biblical times and I know deep down you accept their adulation for the sake of votes
Finally have a nice day.


Ann Allan

A citizen of the world