Girl in a Wig: Normality


Been thinking about blogging a lot recently. I started this to offload my own thoughts and feelings and also act as a journal. I have had some published via Chatter at a local blog and the author of this has been very encouraging.
I have deliberately not looked at other blogs in this whole area though. I did have a look at one recently and while our stories were similar in some ways the author was having a difficult time. I also saw comments on her lblog that as I have described before were almost competitive. That is – who had the worst side effects/ diagnosis etc. Competitive cancer.
I really can’t be arsed with that.
So, my pledge to anyone who reads this is that when I’ve got enough of the stuff about cancer treatment out of my head, I’ll be blogging about normal stuff. That was always my intention anyway.
Because in the end, whilst I’ve had a bit of cancer taken out, I’ve had lots of treatment as an insurance policy. I’m probably in better shape than a lot of people as my health will be monitored closely for the next couple of years. I’ve had a clean MRI and CT scans with no signs of everyday wear and tear or things like arthritis lurking away.

What you focus on, grows. My focus is on normality.

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