Anon: Enlightenment.


Indoctrinated from birth is what was done.
The religion of mine was a Catholic one.
I went with the flow and sat on the fence,
Though deep down inside it didn’t make sense.

Told to believe in one god – persons three.
Born a sinner, required to be free.
Adam and Eve – they were to blame
They committed the sin, ignited the flame.

If I were good, heaven would be mine,
But if I were bad, hell for all time.
Purgatory an option – still there was hope.
If people prayed for my soul, then there was scope.

The stories of prophets – and virgin birth,
Jesus, miracles, resurrection from death,
Ascension to heaven, for his mother as well,
Forgiveness of sins, to my priest I did tell.

Rejection of satan I had to recite.
Said prayers in the morning and at bed-time at night.
If I broke the rules and died in sin
I’d be gone to the flames, the devil would win.

I now feel free in thought and will,
To discover, reason, learn … and still …
I know what’s good – what’s right and what’s not.
It’s innate in me, a human thought.

Gone are the stories and myths in my mind,
Written in a book for a different kind
Who just didn’t know and tried to make sense
In a world of no science, without evidence.

It’s taken me time to learn and be true,
To think for myself and to accept my view,
To continue to search, to grow and evolve,
And to remember there’s questions that I will not solve …

… but that’s OK!


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