Ann Allan: A Case Of Flute in the Mouth

imageThere has been a very quick and robust reaction to the recent interview with Sir James Galway. Not hard to guess who regarded it as a welcome analysis of the status of Northern Ireland and who saw it as a betrayal of the Protestant /Presbyterian tradition. It was a godsend for those with an aspiration for a United Ireland and for those who see the British as an occupying force. It was a slap in the face for those who have worked hard over the years and who have stayed in Northern Ireland and have not got the recognition that James Galway has. Those of us who have stayed in the country and who have paid their taxes, lived through the troubles and brought up our families here do not appreciate being lectured by an ex pat who lives in luxury in Switzerland.image
However, he is entitled to his opinion, and I dare say if he had been giving the opportunity to think about the questions  he would have been more tempered in his response. Sir James is very adamant that he is Irish but by his own choice he has chosen to live as a tax exile.
His comments on Rev. Ian Paisley were ill thought out and may even be slanderous. I agree with him that Paisley contributed to and inflamed the situation in Northern Ireland but it would be foolish to say publicly that he was responsible for deaths in Northern Ireland.
I think there are lessons to be learnt. Firstly don’t get interviewed by Stephen Nolan unless you have an agreed agenda. Secondly it is not a good idea to return to your homeland and insult a large percentage of the population.

4 thoughts on “Ann Allan: A Case Of Flute in the Mouth

  1. I’m bewildered at the fact that people are somehow suggesting that James Galway should have kept his opinions to himself because he chose to live abroad. He’s entitled to live anywhere he wants, and, in spite of his celebrity, is entitled to offer his opinion on any subject of his choosing, on any platform he chooses. He has nothing to apologise for and I’m uncomfortable with the assertion that had he been briefed/prepared ahead of time that he would have done things differently. He’s a grown man with no agenda – and he called it as he saw it.

    1. And as is James Galway entitled to his opinion and as I am entitled to my opinion so are you entitled to your opinion. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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