Ann Allan: Paul Givan and Human Rights.

imageLast night I went to bed with the face of a patronising, holier than thou, grimacing idiot on my mind. No, I wasn’t watching Big Brother ( well I was actually) but no this was the face of a Northern Ireland MLA namely Paul Given. He was delivering his interpretation of democracy, the judiciary, and human rights. The inability of this MLA to grasp the importance of separation of the state and judiciary, not to mention the separation of church and state can  only be explained by his lack of knowledge of current and past events throughout the world. For instance perhaps he should examine the fate of the Jewish population in Europe following the democratic election of the National Socialist party in Germany in 1933 or the current implementation of Sharia law by ISIS throughout the Middle East. Two clear examples of how non separation of state and judiciary (Germany) and/or state and church (ISIS) led to genocide. Politics/democracy judiciary, and the church should never be combined and Paul Givan should learn from past and present global events and get out of his little Northern Ireland box. Please put the Beano and Dandy down and start reading something of substance that will educate your mind and hopefully lead to a more tolerant and sympathetic approach to society in Northern Ireland.

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