Ann Allan : We Need Help

Many of you will have watched the Stephen Nolan show last night and many of you will I am sure have felt embarrassed. Not for yourself but from the ineptitude displayed by last nights panel. There was Gregory for the DUP,  Roy Beggs Jnr. for the UUP, Delores from SDLP,  Stephen Farry from Alliance and Alex Maskey from Sinn Fein.  Debating on ‘the Meeting’  it was difficult to understand how there was no agreement on what was actually agreed. Delores wasn’t actually there so she was obviously going on hearsay, the other three were in agreement but Alex was at odds with everyone else.

Now I have chaired meetings and I’ve been a secretary for various committees and one thing of which I’m sure, minutes were taken,  reflecting all decisions taken at those meetings.  Does this not happen anymore? If not why not?  What confidence can ‘ordinary’ people have if the politicians themselves don’t even know what they have agreed on.

I’m also wondering if it would be possible to get together a think tank of business people and CEO’s of multi nationals to sit down and work out a budget and a financial plan for NI, because it sure looks as if our politicians are not up to the job.

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