Ann Allan : We are in danger of over baking the ‘ cake ‘

I’m sure what I’m going to say may not be politically correct but being me I will say it anyway and ride the storm.

The Asher cake debacle has taken up a lot of news time over the last few months. Maybe a godsend for politicians as controversies like this tend to enable bad news to be announced and to go unnoticed. Now the judgement has been handed down we are in my opinion beginning to see bad grace on both sides.

Ashers refuse to accept the verdict and want to pursue an appeal. Supporters of Ashers are coming out with scenarios that will probably never see the light of day to try to dilute the verdict.

On the other side and that’s the side I was on a petition has been launched to boycott Tescos. Well no, not in my name. Knee jerk reaction and not properly thought through.

My solution would be that Ashers accept the judgement and put a disclaimer where it can be clearly seen stating their policy re ‘ the writing on the cake’

The Rainbow project or other representatives of LGBT meet with Ashers on a one to one basis and explain to them how it feels to be discriminated against. How it is not against Christian beliefs to be gay and that it is not a lifestyle choice.

Then we can all move on.

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