Ann Allan: My Titanic Experience

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I’m ashamed to say that I have only today taken the Titantic tour. I had visited before on my birthday for the afternoon tea which was delightful.  However the incentive was a request from my Dublin cousin who was staying with me for a few days and wanted to do the tour. I agreed to go and I pictured us wandering around a series of charts and pictures showing the building of the ship and then its demise.  Wrong!

The tour which takes about an hour and three-quarters, but could take longer if you so desired, is wonderful.  Set over four floors, each section deals with all aspects of the ship’s journey. There are interactive displays, wonderful photos and a tour of the bowels of the ship.  Seated in a little ‘carriage ‘you can experience the noise and heat that these men worked under,  in order to build the world’s biggest ship.  All built to scale so that you too can experience what it was like to work there.

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A replica room from the first class cabins gives you an idea of the luxury in which  the first class passengers travelled. Watch as a virtual lift takes you through the different floors. Look down through a glass floor and see the wreck. The scale of the exhibition is mind-boggling.  How it was set out and reproduced, beyond my understanding. But courteous and friendly staff will make it a memorable experience. I’ve Australian and American visitors coming this summer. I know where I will be taking them. This is somewhere that makes me feel very proud to be from Belfast.

Congratulations to all at Titanic Belfast for the award of Outstanding Visitor Experience. Well deserved.

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