Ann Allan: Hope for the future


Well it’s over. The candidates have been given either an A * or a fail. I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth. Disappointed that the people of Northern Ireland have in most cases returned the same old faces. Faces of those stuck in the past. No vision for the future other than the same old, same old. Fundamentalists who live their lives governed by a book written over 2000 years ago to control the masses.
Fair enough, you live in the past but don’t drag the rest of us back there with you. Society has moved on. We have evolved as a society since the Old Testament scribes tried to make sense of the world. Science has proved without any doubt that the world was not created in 7 days and it certainly wasn’t created 8000 years ago.  But the majority  party in Northern Ireland still do and form their policies accordingly. And we pride ourselves that as a people we went abroad and educated others?

The vitriol of a few of those who won was cringeworthy. Under pressure? It appears that when certain politicians are under pressure their true feelings come to the fore. Then a sackcloth and ashes act asking for forgiveness. Most of us are not fooled but unfortunately there are those who either agree or are past caring. Maybe an ageing population are war weary. They have decided that the status quo means that their lives can trundle on but to hell with others.  I am one of that aging population. I’ve lived through the ‘troubles’ and raised my family through those hard times. But I won’t accept that this is as good as it gets and I will try in my own small way to draw attention to what is going on. I’m sorry to see Naomi Long losing her seat in Westminister but I believe that Westminster’s loss is Stormont’s gain.  I hope to see her up in Stormont sooner rather than later. She’ll shake them up on the hill.
Interesting to see that the UUP candidate who won his seat fairly and squarely voted in favour of marriage equality. So there is some hope out there. To the old men with their warped view of life I’d say society is changing particularly with the able young people that I know  are coming along. So don’t rest on your laurels. It may not happen in my lifetime but it will happen. Northern Ireland will grow up and move into the 21st century eventually albeit years to late.

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