DUP v Dáithí’s Law

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so heartbreaking as the recent vote in the Assembly not to elect a speaker.  Failure by the DUP to approve the election of a speaker will possibly mean that some of the 200 plus on the donor register could die or miss the opportunity of  receiving a life saving organ should one become available. 

How could the female members of the DUP not have the courage to say to their male colleagues, ‘it’s the right thing to do. The outcome of negotiations regarding the protocol are out of our hands so what is the point in voting no? ‘ 

I hope when it comes to voting in a new Assembly ( if that ever happens again)  voters remember that their party chose not to vote on saving lives but to put the lives of their constituents in jeopardy.  It would appear that there are over 200 on waiting lists for transplants and the law of averages would suggest there is probably a DUP family included in those numbers. A family knowing that time is running out for a loved one but the protocol was considered by their representatives to be more important.  

The DUP tell us that they are pro life. Their vote yesterday would suggest otherwise.

I sincerely hope that none of those who voted no,  including the permanently angry TUV leader, will be faced with circumstances where a loved one needs support and they can’t get that support because of the state of politics in Northern Ireland.

It looks like life is less important than having an allegiance to a British way of life and a government that really has no great interest in NI and would gladly get rid of it tomorrow if they had the chance.

I hope young Dáithí and his lovely family get this bill through next week and I hope the people of NI don’t forget the callousness and cruelty of those they voted to represent  them.