Ann Allan: Jim Wells, Time to go?

Thinking over the recent debacle over Jim Wells’s statement , I would like to make the following points.
We nearly all have been where Mr. Wells is now, a relative or close friend fighting for life. It’s a distracting, debilitating and extremely stressful time for those who are waiting for a happy outcome. However, if as member of the general public, you or I, had made such a statement in the course of our work, I don’t think we would be too long in our jobs. I would like to suggest that the DUP has failed Mr Wells in their duty of care in not relieving him from his post on a temporary basis. He has said the reason for his crass remark was due to his mind not being entirely on what he was doing or saying. What other major decisions as our Minister of Health will he have to make in the future and will his mind be elsewhere when he takes that decision?  Were his true feelings revealed when he was under pressure?  I wish his wife well and hope she recovers soon.  I do however think  Mr. Wells position is now untenable.

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