Áine McGrath: Is Real Food Weird ?

I remember one day a few years ago, I went to buy spuds from a local farmer who sold the produce he grew from a hayshed at the back of his house. We were chittering away when a middle-aged woman pulled up in a big Merc. She got out and with a plum in her gub she said,

“I’d like to buy sahm of yohr po-TAY-toes.”

The farmer explained that he had some freshly dug Navans and gestured towards some that he was in the process of bagging. A look of contempt crept across her face as she replied with the plum in her gub

“Oeh my GOOD-ness! They’re DER-TEH! I’ll goeh to Mahks and Spincah instead.”

The farmer and I struggled to keep our faces straight as she jumped back into the big Merc and sped off to Marksies. In this sanitised world we live in, adults are just as detached from the essential tenets of survival as the children in this cartoon are…

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